The Last Of Us - Joel

About B:U

Let’s not kid ourselves, nobody reads this. I won’t keep you.

Blog: Unlocked is a games blog. It would be nice to say it’s more than that, or that it has some specific USP but let’s see where this goes before we start labelling it as anything. For this reason there are no limits to what you might see. Sounds more exciting than it will actually be I’m sure. Expectation management.

Blog: Unlocked and its goals
I started B:U with a number of targets in the iron-sights.

First, I want somewhere to write. Just write. Posts might be commissions I wasn’t able to sell, pieces I think someone somewhere anyone might enjoy or, if you’re unlucky enough, a ranty inconsequential stream of consciousness. Regardless of its form, you should find something new to read every once in a while.

Secondly, I’ve edited numerous websites and, to be frank, I can do as a good a job if not better. With a clear audience understanding and a desire to write the content I want I’ll demonstrate the skills, experience and dedication to make this, and any website, a success.

Unlocked is also a place to share interesting things I’ve found on the internet; documents and articles that would help develop any writer, editor and social media manager, but mostly me. Make no mistake, this is a purely selfish enterprise.

Finally, Blog: Unlocked is a stepping stone. Version 0.1 of a bigger project. I might, on occasion, tease that larger vision, but I’ll never reveal it. Where’s the fun in that? All I’ll say is I’m very excited. It’ll take a lot of work but it’ll be worth it.

Where Unlocked will go is anyone’s guess (subtle nod to Joel’s contemplative featured image) but the journey should be a fun one, marked with as few mushroom men as possible.

For now, please enjoy Blog: Unlocked. If you happen to do exactly that please like and follow the blog on its respective social networks. It wouldn’t hurt any to like and share individual posts either. You know what to do.


Head to Portfolio to see, well, my portfolio. You’ll also find links to connect with me on social media.

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