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Another week, another dose of next-gen news you may have missed. From 720p palavas to Blockbusters going bust a second time, Blog: Unlocked recaps on all the most significant stories surrounding the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 so you don’t have to go trailing through the interweb. Lap it up.

1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised In Hi-Res:
Call of Duty: GhostsMuch to the assumed annoyance of Microsoft, though Xbox must’ve seen it coming, Activision this week confirmed rumours that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run native at just 720p on Xbox One but in glimming 1080p from the PlayStation 4. Despite director of planning Albert Penello’s pained attempts to stem damaging media rumours (OXM), he couldn’t hide the fact that Xbox One is being outperformed by the PS4 straight out of the gates. Ghosts producer Mark Rubin took to Twitter to confirm the news. This unbelievable truth comes after Eurogamer revealed Battlefield 4 will stretch the PS4 to 900p and the Xbox One to only 720p. You can see the comparison videos further down this post.

As if to compound Penello’s woes further, more rumours erupted fingering issues with the Xbox One’s operating system, chief among them, Kotaku‘s claims that one of the most recent Xbox One software development kits was “very buggy”. The ever objective and insightful Videogamer crew put together a somewhat subjective and extremely informed piece on the 720p fiasco here. For a more techie angle on the story click through to Eurogamer‘s article.

2. A Non-Xbox One Backlash Bulletin:
Halo: Spartan AssaultIn slightly friendlier Microsoft news, MCV reported on a freebie for early adopters of the Xbox One. From launch gamers will be able to download Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason a precursor to the full Rivals game now due for release sometime in 2014 following a delay. What’s a demo of a Wii Sports-a-like if not an ointment for the frustration of having to play Ghosts at 720p? Applying an extra plaster to the sore graze of embarrassment is 343 Industries and Vanguard Games with their announcement that Halo: Spartan Assault will be coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. A top-down shooter ported from the Windows Phone? Who needs Call of Duty?

3. PlayStation 4 News:
Tinie Tempeh and PlayStation 4As a thank you for his services to merchandising, Tinie Tempah will likely find a PlayStation 4 squeezed into his stocking alongside a new Mercedes Benz this Christmas. As seen in the new PlayStation ad the Brit-hopper has nothing but good things to say about the next generation games console, conveniently throwing PlayStation keywords and hyperbole into his monologue.

Titanfall, the FPS on which Microsoft is seemingly betting the ranch, will never get an PlayStation 4 outing according to news from MCV. That’s not to say Titanfall 2 and 3 won’t though, not that the development team will ever be told either way.

Gamers putting their money into the PlayStation 4 can expect a 300MB update on day one, so says the European PlayStation Blog. To counter the tedium of having to wait for that install, the blog has also released the final PS4 launch title line-up highlighting what you could playing after the download bar’s crept its way to 100%.

In slightly less encouraging news, MCV reported that the new Sony system would not be supporting media servers or even MP3 files. At least not at the time of going to press.

4. Shopping For Next-Gen:
BlockbusterOrdered your new console through troubled retailer Blockbuster? Why would you do that?! Well, you should probably know that since the chain declared its intention to re-enter administration for the second time this year, it won’t be honouring any PS4 or Xbox One pre-orders, so says Twitter.

On the other hand, recession survivor Game is offering fans the chance to pay for their new toys in full early and skip the queue on launch night in the process (MCV).

Away from the shops, Namco Bandai has been unveiled as the distributor for the hotly anticipated The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year or early 2014.

5. Xbox One Vs. PS4 and PS4 Vs. PS3 – The Video Evidence:
Watch the video from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry that brought with it the news that Battlefield 4 will run at 900p on PS4 but a mere 720p on Xbox One:

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag also got the video comparison treatment from GamesRadar. This time pitting current consoles against their next-gen counterparts:

…And In Other News:

  • MCV got another exclusive when EA Sports and FIFA producer Nick Channon told them the team’s next-gen footie game is the best it’s ever made.
  • EA COO Peter Moore has put his cards on the table and said he sees Sony and Microsoft shifting a combined total of 10M units by the end of March 2014 (Develop).
  • In a bit of a downer to round off, market research company Strategy Analytics predicts the next generation of games consoles to be less fruitful than the last (MCV).

Until this time next week. Who doesn’t want to miss out on their weekly dose of old news?

Dean Samways // @Deanways

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